Welcome To Fidgets

Spike, Curly, Messi and Frizz would like to welcome you to the magical world of Fidgets.

Fidgets is the first hair salon in the North East specially designed for toddlers and children.

Before you enter Fidgets World take a peek through our magical window full of surprises and see who’s hiding inside!

As you enter take your seat and choose which character car to sit in for your new hair style. Whether it be Spikes favourite Lightening McQueen, Blue VW Beetle who Messi and Frizz fight over or Curly’s favourite the princess Barbie jeep.

Meet The Gang


Spin Me Round
I love sitting in the Lightening Mcqueen car and getting a new funky hair style. I enjoy jumping about and helping choose the best dancer in the party games.


Spin Me Round

Im a little bit shy but love watching my favourite dvd when I get my hair cut I always choose Toy Story. Even though I’m shy I try to sit really still as I love getting to choose a prize after my hair cut.


Spin Me Round

I’m the naughtier one in the group I never sit still but at Fidgets they let me try out all the cool cars and I really enjoy myself. I love putting my name on the tree after my hair cut so the rest of the group can see I was really good


Spin Me Round

I have really wild hair I need to get it cut all the time, my favourite car is the pink Barbie Jeep, when I get my hair cut I pretend im a princess and drive to a secret castle. I love bouncing about in the party room with all my friends and sneak in to finish off the chocolate fountain.

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