For some children, having a haircut can be an upsetting experience. If a child has sensory issues, is on the Autistic Spectrum, or just has a phobia of the hairdressers, then it can be very frightening for them, and very stressful for you.
First of all, please be assured it is a remarkably common problem. We see it every day and please believe us when we say we are very used to seeing children who become upset, and yes, in some cases, even hysterical.

At Fidgets we don’t have a one solution fits all
Every child and every family is unique and therefore every solution needs to be bespoke to them. We have worked very successfully with many children over the years to help them overcome their fears and make the experience of having a haircut more bearable, and even in some cases, now enjoyable. However we are realistic about the timescales for this process  and it can take many visits before a child is even ready to sit in the car/chair
Applying restraint is an approach we prefer to avoid where possible – you may get a haircut achieved by whipping off the hair as quick as possible the first time round, but this approach is not enabling your little one the opportunity to build trust with their stylist.

Here in Fidgets we much prefer a gentler, slower approach, with our free “Get To Know Me” appointment;

Upon arrival your little one  will be greeted  by our friendly stylist’s with a quick hello and then they will be left with yourself  to get a feel for the salon environment and possibly watch other children having their haircut. Feel free to let them sit in a car, use our iPad’s, play with our toys all without us actually doing a haircut – then when its time to go, enjoy a lolly form our lolly tree take home as a treat. We don’t charge for this 10 – 15 minute appointment, it’s all part of our service, however we do ask parents to book this in advance, as we do get extremely busy in the salon. There is no limit as to how many times you can book this free 10 – 15 minute “GET TO KNOW ME APPOINTMENT”

Then only when you feel comfortable that your child is ready to let one of our stylists touch their hair should you book in for a paying appointment. this is where our “BUILDING TRUST APPOINTMENT” is recommended – please ask staff for details about these appointment options. They range from 20 to 40 minute slots and are charged accordingly.

Honestly when it comes to kids haircuts – we’ve seen it all and done it all!