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Autism Awareness2018-08-07T13:37:18+00:00

Autism Awareness

Autism is a condition that affects how a person communicates, relates to other people and makes sense of the world around them.

All of the staff at Fidgets the Salon for Kids are patient, caring and Autism Friendly. Our stylists have gained valuable experience and knowledge overtime, which has helped them understand more about autism and just how different each child can be on the spectrum.

With the help and guidance from parents or guardians with a child who is on the spectrum, we as hairdressers aim to achieve a successful haircut, by making it as stress free as possible.

For more information and before booking your appointment, please read through our haircut anxiety section on our website or call the salon on 0191 251 5175

Come along to Fidgets for a professional and caring approach. Everyone’s welcome.


To help those who might need a little extra support, we can offer:

  • Exclusive use of the salon for a quiet appointment ( pre-arranged )
  • The option to have 2 stylists cut your little one’s hair for quickness
  • Use of the party room for a calmer environment with coloured lights
  • Use of our big kids section with Xbox and Nintendo DS